Tlou Energy is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance

The Directors (the “Board”) of Tlou Energy Limited (“Tlou Energy” or “the Company”) are committed to the implementation of the highest standards of corporate governance. In determining what these standards should be, the Board references guidance and supports, where appropriate, the 4th edition of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (“4th Edition Recommendations or ASX Recommendations”) established by the ASX Corporate Governance Council (the “Council”).

This statement outlines the key aspects of Tlou Energy’s governance framework and practices. The charters, policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and updated to comply with the law and best practice. This statement contains specific information and discloses the extent to which the Company intends to or is able to follow the 4th Edition Recommendations. The charters and policies of the Company can be viewed on the Company’s website, (“website”).


Anti Bribery & Corruption
Approving Authorities Manual
Code Conduct Directors & Senior Executives
Code Conduct Employees
Continuous Disclosure
Remuneration & Nomination Committee Charter
Risk Committee Charter
Risk Management
Securities Trading
Shareholder Communication
Whistle Blower